Join us on our adventure…

Do you love fictional worlds, characters & stories?
Would you like to be involved in the creation of an ongoing 2D fantasy RPG video game series?
…Then you have come to the right place!

 LATEST SCREENSHOTS Build: v0.1 Early Pre-Alpha

Work in progress — does not represent the final look of the game.
The current screenshots include only the base foundation. The plan is for more details to be added gradually throughout development.

What game engine and tools is this being created with?
Game Engine: Unity (recently switched from RPG Maker MV)
Art: Aseprite & Photoshop
Sound: Audacity
Project Planner: Trello


How do I become part of the community and get involved?
You can join the Discord — we’d love to have you! Rose retired from Twitch streaming in July 2021. Since then, Discord has become our home for the community collaboration side of the game.


Is everybody welcome in the community? I’m wondering if I'd be a good fit.
If you are wholesome, nerdy, goofy, and passionate about story-driven RPGs and have appreciation for nostalgic games of the past, we would love you to hang out with us. If you are a 12 year old gamer bro, this will not be the place for you. We are an inclusive and positive community that keeps things safe for work and provides a space for anyone who is LGBTQIA+ or PoC. Hate speech is not tolerated here.


How many people work on this project?
Raindrop Chronicles is solo developed by RoseRainblood, but it has a unique, community-driven touch. Fans can get involved by sharing their ideas and thoughts on the story, characters, scenes, world & lore as the games are developed, potentially inspiring Rose to take things in a certain direction if it fits! Anyone can take part any time — including you!


How long have you been working on this?
Rose came up with the idea of starting a community-made RPG in late 2018. The first Raindrop Chronicles Twitch stream was in March 2019.


What stage of development is this on?
We are in the early stages of development and are currently working on Episode 1. The current plan is to have 6 episodes altogether. Each episode may approximately have a 2 year development cycle on average. Episode 1 will be considerably longer as extra time is needed to get the framework in place.


Will it be free to play?
No. Raindrop Chronicles was originally planned to be free to play when Rose started the project. Back then, she was doing it just for fun. However, as the development continued, Rose saw there was huge potential for this to be an epic fantasy world and became passionate about making that happen. It will take years of hard work and effort to bring that vision to life, and you gotta eat and make a living!


When will Episode 1 be released?
A date is not yet confirmed. The Alpha release may arrive in 2022, and if development goes smoothly, the Beta and official release could be in 2023.


What platforms will it be released on?
It is only confirmed to be on Windows 7/8/10 at this time. Mac and Linux are potential possibilities, but no promises right now.


Can I help test Episode 1 before release?
Yes. Rose has a Patreon. Patreons will have access to playable builds and will be able to play and test them throughout the development until they are ready to be released.


How is the project funded?
Raindrop Chronicles is currently a £0 budget game. Rose relies on financial support from fans and savings from her previous job to create it.


How can I help support the development?
Supporting Rose on Patreon is greatly appreciated and will help Rose a huge deal financially, but it is not forced upon community members. The most supportive thing someone can do is spread the word about Raindrop Chronicles.


Will I get more control over the project if I support it financially?
No. Rose will not become a puppet for someone because they offered financial support. Contributing monetarily should only be done because you think what she is doing is worth investing your money into.


What if I have a question?
You can ask questions in the public Discord. The only way to contact Rose privately is from being a Patreon — one of the Patreon rewards is gaining direct messaging access to her. For business enquiries, you can contact her through email.